How to Not Be a Broke Pastor

Really liked this book. Highly recommend it for anyone who is working through the maze of non-profit pastoral finances. There is not enough help on this subject, and this book is a very needed addition in this regard. The book is enjoyable, well outlined, and makes a complex subject easy to understand.
— Ilya

Are you struggling to understand the unique and challenging world of pastoral compensation? Are you maximizing the benefits that could be yours by simply being "wise as a serpent and innocent as a dove" when it comes to how you structure your pastoral pay? 

As a pastor, I get it. Not only can our compensation be confusing, but there are also so many different components that need to be balanced . . . it can be hard to put all the pieces together.

How to Not Be a Broke Pastor is written for pastors/ministers and is designed to make the complexities of clergy pay simple and easy to understand, and also to give you ideas as to how you can use your income to the greatest extent possible. We may not have entered the ministry to get rich, but that doesn't mean we should be broke. Let me help you understand AND maximize the benefits from your compensation today.

What Others Are Saying

You will find many books about many areas of ministry that fill a pastor’s library, but very few that discuss the inner workings of pastoral ministry like this book.
— Eric
This book will help you, as a pastor, to be a wise steward of your money. I highly recommend it.
— Tony
I wish I would have had this book when I first started pastoral ministry.
— Charlie
If you’re a pastor and at all uncertain about how to think about and structure your income, you need to learn from this book.
— Jordan

You don't know what you don't know

While pastors tend to be very knowledgable and capable when it comes to the Scriptures, to working with people, and to ministry . . . they are often clueless when it comes to understanding the best way to view, structure, and handle their pastoral compensation.

I know I was.

Despite eight years of training for the pastorate - eight years of studying Greek, Hebrew, theology, church history, preaching, counseling, and every other aspect of pastoral ministry - I had never once been told a single thing about understanding pastoral compensation. It wasn't that I had skipped that day of class.

There was no class!



Do you understand what can and cannot factor into this, potentially, life-changing decision?

Taxes, FICA, and SEca

What is the difference between taxes, FICA, and SECA, and why does this matter so much for pastors?


How could a free house be one of the worst things a church could ever do for its pastor?


What is the difference in these two terms, and why is the balance between them so critical to so many other aspects of a pastor's finances?


How are you planning for retirement, and how is your church helping with that plan?


From medical insurance to paid time off, does your benefits package really make sense for both you and your church?


Do you have a strategy for handling your own pastoral compensation that is truly maximizing every possible benefit that could be yours?


Are you taking advantage of one of the best arrangements the IRS provides for tax-free "compensation"?

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